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Welcome to DrunkWiki

The world's most accurate source of information on everything from God to genitalia. Rest assured that all information contained within this site is 100% accurate as our contributors have not been hindered by petty nuisanses like references, books, or sobriety that can hinder the writing process.

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This is a dick.
Dicks are, generally, pretty fucking awesome. There are a large number of things one can do with a dick, if one happens to have one. The most pedestrian of these is swinging the dick, beating off, and putting the dick into holes that God made just for dicks, such as buttholes. Although these are among the more simple things you can accomplish with a dick, this is not to say that more advanced techniques are not possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who generates these mountains of truth and factual data?

The entirety of the Drunk Wiki is created by a team of tireless scientists located in an underground lab at an undisclosed location somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Their bodies and brilliant minds are fueled by a combination of strawberry pop tarts, tequila, and huge amount of jizz. In addition to this diet, their work ethic rivals that of a Chinaman's devotion to the Party, which allows them to crank out these fucking articles at an unprecedented pace.

2. Why can't I edit or contribute to any of the articles?

This is a rather complicated matter. However, we will attempt to summarize the answer as best as we can: because you are an idiot, and you have nothing to contribute. However, feel free to use our feedback form if you think you have an idea worth sharing (you don't). The form can be accessed here: link. Please be advised: if you leave a valid e-mail address, we will send you a lengthy reply, detailing exactly why you are an idiot, and why your idea sucks more dicks than your mom. Template:Test

3. But doesn't the entire Wiki concept hinge upon community collaboration?

No. The "community" (whatever the fuck that is) is a collection of morons. The only reason we used this platform is because it's easy to edit after you've had four whiskeys and smoked three cracks.

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Holy shit, did you know...
  • ...that David Bowie was the first American astronaut to successfully land on the surface of Mars, establishing the first human colony on the Red Planet?
  • ...that Russians are an inferior species of humans, which accounts for much of their failures as a people?
  • ...that Kanye West is related to Jesus?
  • ...that an average American consumes approximately 18 liters of soda every day?
  • ...that the gestation period for fat people is 18 months? The extra time is needed for the fat to fully develop. This lends credence to the theory that obesity is genetic.
  • ...that Brett Favre climbed every single 8000 meter peak, and that he did it naked, without supplemental oxygen, and in a single-day push?